10 Reasons Why You Must Use Video In Your Marketing Campaign

If you’re not already utilizing video as part of your online marketing strategy, then there is no better time to start than the present. Consumers are becoming more immersed in video than ever before and are increasingly becoming more accustomed to the richer online experience of watching videos. Studies have proven that conversions increase when businesses have videos on their website. Nowadays videos are everywhere, from the gas pump to your smart phone.

While reading is a great way for many people to learn, many individuals are more visually-oriented, meaning that they can absorb and comprehend information better when it’s provided in a visual format. Marketing campaigns featuring videos are more likely to attract these visually-oriented individuals. In addition, video provides the viewer with more of a sense of trust in your business, service, or product as they can get more of a personal view of who you are and what you stand for.

So if you’re still asking yourself why you need to incorporate video into your marketing campaign, let me give you 10 reasons why you must use video in your marketing campaign:

  1. Videos are where your customers spend most of their time online.

    Think about it, YouTube alone receives more than 4 billion views every single day. No that wasn’t a typo, I did say billion with a “B”. It’s also the 2nd largest search engine next to Google. In addition, 78% of people watch a video at least once a week and 55% of people watch videos every day. Everyone watches online videos, including you. Admit it, you know you do. You need to be making promo videos, web series, video blogs (aka vlogs), video testimonials, branded entertainment, and funny viral videos of your cat, your dog, your cat riding your dog, or whatever style and format is going to best reach out and relate to your target demographics.

    Okay, Game Over! I think we should just end the article right here, but if you’re still not convinced, let me give you 9 more…

  2. Your competition is already using video as part of their marketing strategy.

    According to MarketingProfs, 81 % of senior marketing executives are now using online video content in their marketing programs, which is up from 70% in 2011.

  3. Video is search engine friendly.

    Consumers are looking for your products and services. How are they looking? Most likely, their first course of action would be Google. Social media can affect organic Google search results as well as be an entry point to your website. Since YouTube is the second-largest search engine, videos get ranked high in Google search results.

  4. Videos are easily shared through social media.

    More than 500 years worth of YouTube videos are viewed daily on Facebook and more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.

  5. Video levels the playing field.

    Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years. (Borrell Associates Annual Benchmarking Results). Video has created an even playing field on which brands, business, and organizations can compete. The advantage is still with larger, more established brands, simply because they have bigger budgets for video marketing and media buying. The trick is to just keep being more creative and do a better job of targeting your demographics, in order to reach your consumers.

  6. Video is entertaining, educational, and inspirational.

    More than 60 percent of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase. (MarketingCharts.com). The term “Motion Picture” has a dual meaning. Video is far superior in moving people to laugh, cry, learn, get mad, and take action over photos, text or audio. It’s a great storyteller that will keep viewers glued to your site.

  7. Real-time feedback and interaction.

    People love commenting on videos and that where you can learn more about your consumer’s wants and needs.  A sure fire way to maintain a loyal viewer audience is to make a mention of a fan’s comment from a previous video and address the issue that they commented about. It keeps your viewers engaged and longing to see what you are going to post next.

  8. Videos are measurable.

    With analytics being so accessible, they do a great job of telling how successful your videos are. There’s no more guesswork. Measurement can help you determine which videos and surrounding social media activity is moving your marketing campaign in the right direction.

  9. Online video is one click away from the “Buy” button.

    As stated by ReelSEO, 34% of apparel shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing an online video ad, versus 16% after watching an ad on TV. Think about it, a good majority of impulse buys occur online. After viewing a TV commercial, one may get distracted by the occurrences of everyday life that they do not immediately make it over to the computer to make that purchase.

  10. Video is mobile.

    People view video on their tablets and mobile phones and watch it while they are on the go. With mobile video you have the potential to be in people’s hands, and have them understand everything about what you offer, and also be only one click away from buying your stuff, which is the whole point.

So in conclusion, it’s all about video and targeting the right demographics that would be interested in your product or service. If you would like some assistance in getting your video marketing campaign on track, then consider putting us to work for you. Celi Creative is a Tampa Design Studio specializing in graphic design, web design, video production, and animation. Our creative team will design, shoot, and animate your concepts to completion, and also add a whole lot of confidence and creativity in between. At Celi Creative, we do it all. Funny, serious, promotional, or all of the above, we can create the perfect video for you. So contact us today! Celi Creative’s video professionals will turn your video production concepts into reality as quickly as you can say “Lights, Camera, Action!”

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