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Over the years there has been a tremendous change in the way that businesses communicate their message. Every company is looking to be unique and develop different communication methods. With this being said, the use of animation is growing on a daily basis in the corporate world.

There are various types of animation. You have the traditional 2D style of animation and also the ever so prevalent 3D style of animation that is taking the world by storm. Although 3D tends to be taking over 2D as we move into a more digital world, both styles can be a powerful tool in your business and marketing strategy.

3D animation has quickly become the go-to method for many businesses video production needs. It has been effectively used in children’s movies and is also being used in television commercials and other forms of business communication.

Not just anyone can sit down at a computer and design high quality 3D animation and motion graphics. It takes a skilled professional to make characters and objects come to life, and if your business is interested in utilizing animation for any aspect of your business, it really makes sense to have a professional do the job. As with outsourcing any part of your business, entrusting animation to a company that specializes in that sort of thing will help you realize all of the benefits that the technique brings.

Marketing is the most noticeable way that animation can be used in the corporate world. When a normally static element of your business can be brought to life when animated, it makes the whole message that much more engaging to the viewer. However, animation does a lot more than bringing characters and logos to life. It can be used for training purposes to demonstrate how a product or business works, or it can be used to pitch a new product to a manufacturer to be produced. Here is an example of just that. This is a 3D model of a concept shoe that we designed for a client’s apparel company called Another Breed…

Now let’s not leave 2D out of the equation. Although more traditional in style, 2D animation has been a major marketing tool for a lot of big corporate companies. Take Drop Box for instance, they use a 2D animated training video designed with stick figures that demonstrates how to use their product and even built their entire brand around it.

Another style of 2D animation that is beginning to make a big impact in the corporate world are whiteboard animations. Check out this video for a demo:


Whiteboard animations are great for telling a story about how your product or service fits into your customers’ lives and improves their experience. This could include an introduction to your company, a brief explanation of your product, or a guiding philosophy that sets you apart from the competition.

Here are a couple of other examples:

In this fast paced world, you need to capitalize on the benefit of using 2D and 3D animation to gain upper hand against your competition. Using animation for your business may be one of the more lucrative business decisions you could make.

Celi Creative is a Tampa Design Studio specializing in graphic design, web design, video production, and animation. Our creative team will design, shoot, and animate your concepts to completion, and also add a whole lot of confidence and creativity in between. So if you are in need of a 3D animation, animated training video, medical animation, whiteboard animation or explainer video, contact us today and start receiving the return on investment that your business deserves!

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