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Project Description

AIIG Animation – From Good To Great:

This is a new version of the “Great Expectations” animation that we produced for American Integrity Insurance Group last year. If you have not seen it, you can VIEW IT HERE.

Insurance companies sell books of policies from one insurance company to another. American Integrity Insurance Group had reached out to us and requested that we produce a 2D animated video for them that they can use as a means of marketing their services to other insurance companies, in an effort to have them consolidate their books of policies with them.

They rehired us this year to revamp last year’s animation and also requested that we introduce a second book character with a title of “From Good To Great”. This new book character is made over portray some facial characteristics of George Clooney or Chris Hemsworth. As with any company, some employees have retired and there have been some new hires over this past year. So some of the caricatures of the employees have been replaced with the new hires.

Below is an animatic displaying some of the production before getting into the animation, compositing, and post production editing process.




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