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Project Description

AIIG Animation – Great Expectations:

Insurance companies sell books of policies from one insurance company to another. American Integrity Insurance Group had reached out to us and requested that we produce a 2D animated video for them that they can use as a means of marketing their services to other insurance companies, in an effort to have them consolidate their books of policies with them.

Great Expectations, the name of an old, torn and shabby book of policies sleeps on the bottom shelf of a dusty, cob web ridden bookshelf. He finds himself awakened by the sounds of harmonious birds chirping outside of the window and the morning sunlight piercing through. Across the room he notices a bright and shiny bookshelf gleaming with all of American Integrity’s consolidated books of policies. Disparaged, he quickly realizes that he will never be like any of those books. That is of course, until American Integrity’s sales team steps in and gives him a make-over and whips him into shape. The end result is the animated video above.

The client’s original inspiration came from the 70’s cartoon, “I’m Just A Bill” by School House Rock. We had designed some of the book’s physical characteristics and personality traits to somewhat mimic “Bill.” However, we wanted to give a more modern look to the coloring and shading versus the flat, solid colors used back in the 70’s. Of course, some visual effects and depth of field makes quite an impact on the overall animation as well. For those of you not familiar with, “I’m Just A Bill,” you can view it here…



Here is a rough storyboard created in preproduction. Some frames were illustrated in higher detail to give the client an idea of what the final version would look like. Sales rep photos were supplied to us by American Integrity Insurance Group so that we can illustrate their actual sales team members as caracitures in the actual video.


Prior to moving into production, we created an animatic, which is an animated version of the storyboard with camera movement, a rough voiceover and music. This was provided to the client so that they can get a visual idea of what the end product is going to look like, and to also get their approval before moving forward.



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