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So last night I had the opportunity to attend the Autodesk “Imagine Design Create 2015” tour at Coopers Hawk Winery here in Tampa. The event was amazing! Great food, great wine, great people, great prizes, and even more so, and outstanding presentation of all of the new features of Autodesk’s 2016 release of Maya and 3DS Max.

Features included the highly popular Max Creation Graph for 3DS Max. In addition, some of their latest acquisitions including Shotgun, RV, and the Stingray engine for creating professional, visually stunning 3D experiences in real-time were also presented.

The presentation took more of a humorous turn when they had decided to show the following video of The Computer Show. Gary Fabert and co-host Sherri Longhorne welcome Lumi cofounders Jesse Genet and Stephan Ango, and have a hard time understanding the very basics of modern digital design tools. So without further ado, let’s take a step back into 1983 with this awkwardly comedic video that presents the very beginning of the digital design era. Enjoy!

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